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Transform your gym into a cutting-edge space

In this competitive market, it is essential to stand out and attract an increasingly demanding public. In this sense, refurbishment of these sports facilities is crucial to stay ahead of the curve and meet the expectations of users.

Ideas for the design of seating areas

Nowadays, most companies have opted to introduce in their facilities a space dedicated to the rest and wellbeing of workers, the so-called rest areas or “resting rooms”. These areas are used to encourage socialising among workers, as well as to disconnect from work and take the opportunity to rest for a certain period of time. […]

5 current trends in office design

For some time now, office design has been revolutionised by the increase in demand for spaces with their own identity as a means of attracting new clients, with technology and new work systems being two fundamental pillars on which to base the creation of these spaces. The current market offers us almost infinite possibilities when […]

The immediate benefits of a complete renovation

What is an integral reform? An integral reform comprises the complete restructuring of a space, which includes finishes, interior and exterior carpentry, air conditioning, water and electricity installations mainly. To all of this can be added the use of renewable energies, changes in the distribution of space, rehabilitation of floors, demolition of load-bearing walls, etc. […]

Benefits of having a good layout in workspaces

A workplace with the right layout and space helps to keep everything organised and also helps to create an environment that positively affects the productivity of your workers. When we talk about the layout of workspaces, it refers directly to the physical location and although at first glance it may seem like a purely aesthetic […]

How color affects architecture

Color has always been a variable present in the world of fashion, decoration, interior design, or any sector in which design has a presence. Colors influence the perception of design and according to psychology, each color transmits different emotions to the person who visualizes it. Faced with the aesthetic importance (usually linked to times, trends […]

“La Estropatada” gets closer day by day

The date is getting closer! Next Sunday, 12th June, the Bilbao Stropatada will be held with 20,000 biopatos. Still don’t know what the Estropatada is all about? We explain it to you! The Estropatada is a race in which 20,000 ducks are thrown from the Euskalduna Bridge into the estuary. It is held with the […]