Cadena Ser

Cadena Ser


La Cadena SER (the SER Network) is Spain´s premier radio network , originally created in 1926 and had a regular listenership in 2015 of 4,766,000. The acronym SER stands for Sociedad Española de Radiodifusión (Spanish Broadcasting Company).

The network´s main studios are located on the Gran Via in Madrid with studios across the country providing local and regional news and information.

Cadena SER is part of the PRISA group, the world’s leading Spanish and Portuguese-language business group in the fields of education, information and entertainment.


CLIENT                     TIMESCALE

CADENA SER          12 WEEKS

SURFACE                 SECTOR

7,000 Sq ft               COMMUNICATION / MEDIA

Cadena Ser Cadena Ser


Lopez Landa, specialised in the creation and transformation of corporate spaces, has smoothly managed the new Cadena Ser Radio Studio project in Bilbao in a 12 week time frame.

The new premises are located on the sixth floor of the Moyúa Building at 24 Ercilla Street, where the radio station has acquired the entire 7000 Sq ft floor, maintaining an open plan look throughout all departments, enhancing the brightness of the spaces with a mix of white finishes and fully glazed partitions, leaving some of the concrete structural elements exposed.

Together with the existing natural light, we have introduced a new LED lighting system which contributes to maintaining a clean and light environment whilst achieving an energy efficient workspace.


The meeting rooms integrate as independent elements with wooden beams across the glazed partition simulating trees and green carpeted areas representing grass, with a different lighting in these areas providing a warmer feel.

The furniture blends perfectly with the surroundings, maintaining the clean look with white workstations, soft grey high-end task chairs and light grey acoustic screens. It is worth highlighting the high back soft seating area, providing a perfect space for informal quiet meetings.

With this relocation, Cadena Ser comes back to its roots, as the radio station was originally established in 1933 in Moyúa Square.

Cadena Ser Cadena Ser


• Project management

• Partitioning - Full solid and full glazed

• Ceilings - MF ceilings & perforated suspended ceiling

• Flooring

• Branding

• Sound proofing


• Bespoke Joinery

• LED Lighting

• Power & Data

• Air Conditioning

• Decorations

• Furniture


Cadena Ser Cadena Ser

Take a virtual tour off the new Radio Station HERE

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