Bestinver Offices - Acciona Group

Bestinver Offices - Acciona Group


BESTINVER, fully owned by the ACCIONA Group, is specialised in the Management of Funds and Assets. Founded in 1987 the Bestinver group offers a wide range of products from Investment Funds to Pension and Employment plans.

Their investment philosophy relies on "Investing with common sense and long term to improve the allocation of resources in markets by increasing the purchasing power of our customers, growth of employees and giving back to society part of the profits."


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4,000 Sq ft                           FUND MANAGEMENT

Bestinver Offices - Acciona Group

BESTINVER, owned by the ACCIONA Group, relied on the team at Lopez Landa to create the new VIP offices in Bilbao´s City center

These offices required the implementation of spaces for specialist teams that support high profile clients, looking for comfortable and private environments, equipped with highest spec telecommunication facilites while maintaining an almost residential look throughout.


The client was looking to implemente in the space the image and ethos of BESTINVER with a premium look, with clean lines and a smart use of the existing natural light to create bright and comfortable environments throughout the office.

The technical team at Lopez Landa carried out the works following the image and brand requirements underlined by the Corporate Building team of ACCIONA for BESTINVER

Bestinver Offices - Acciona Group Bestinver Offices - Acciona Group

The Lopez Landa technical team faced two main challenges in this project:

- Firstly, the tight programme of work required by BESTIVER, which required a very accurate management of the teams as well as a great level of communication between the Lopez Landa team and the Technical & Property departments of Acciona.

- Secondly, to accomplish the high level of workmanship required to achieve the high level of finishes required by the client in this ´Luxury´ environment

Lastly, we would like to thank once more to ACCIONA´s Technical & Property teams for giving our team the opportunity to participate in such a project and for the level of information and support provided throughout the whole process, which was key for the successful completion of this project.

It is an absolute pleasure for The Lopez Landa Group to work for such a well established international corporation like BESTINVER from the ACCIONA Group. 

Bestinver Offices - Acciona Group Bestinver Offices - Acciona Group


• Project management

• Building Regulations Liaison

• Power

• Specialist Lighting



• IT

• Decoration and Finishes

• Voice and Data

• Air Conditioning

Bestinver Offices - Acciona Group Bestinver Offices - Acciona Group
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