Hospital Vithas San Jose

Hospital Vithas San Jose


The Vithas San Jose Hospital was founded in 1947 and over the years has become the leading private health care centre in Alava.

The renowned Dr. Mikel Sanchez together with his team lead the Arthroscopic Surgery Unit, the Advanced Physiotherapy Unit and the Biological Therapy Unit, being pioneers in the research and development of numerous applications in traumatology and orthopedics. These techniques have been successfully applied to hundreds of patients and internationally renowned athletes.


CLIENT                     TIMESCALE

VITHAS                    13 WEEKS

SURFACE                 SECTOR

8,800 Sq ft               PRIVATE HEALTHCARE

Hospital Vithas San Jose Hospital Vithas San Jose


The Vithas San Jose Hospital trusted the complete refurbishment of their Arthroscopic Surgery and Traumatology units to Lopez Landa.

This type of project required an in depth knowledge of the current health sector regulations, a highly experienced technical team as well as complete coordination between the Hospital Management, their appointed Technical Consultants, the Medical Team and Lopez Landa.

This close relationship between all parties involved in the project was key to guaranteeing the successful completion of the works, tightly managing the different phases and various temporary relocations, securing clear ways of access and keeping up to date with complex protocols of health and safety and hygiene.


We accomplished a complete refurbishment of the area, creating new reception spaces for the different units, various consultation rooms and offices, individual pods, a gym area for specialist treatments, as well as laboratories, operating rooms and different technical areas to fulfil all their requirements.

At Lopez Landa we are delighted to have created such a functional and stylish environment with the highest levels of soundproofing and finishes, creating the least disruption possible to both the Medical team and patients.

Hospital Vithas San Jose Hospital Vithas San Jose Hospital Vithas San Jose


• Project management

• Partitioning - Full Solid and Glazed

• Moving Wall

• Storage Wall

• WC area

• Ceilings - MF ceilings and Suspended ceiling

• Flooring


• Lighting

• Power and Data

• Kitchenette

• General Builder works

• Joinery

• Wall Panelling

• Sound proofing

Hospital Vithas San Jose
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