The 5 tricks that will make your office look bigger

The office is probably the place where we spend most of our time each day. Therefore, its spaciousness and comfort is as important as that of your home. Here are five tips that will make your office look bigger:


  1. Choose the right office furniture. If we want to optimise the space we have in our office to the maximum, we should opt for minimalist furniture. Also, we must take into account the place where we will place it to visually balance the space.
  2. Consider the colour of the walls in your company. When defining spaces it is very important to think about colour. If you are looking to gain space, you should opt for neutral, light and soft colours such as white, beige or pastel colours. These colours will help us to enhance the light and make the space grow before our eyes.
  3. Less is more. At this point it is important that we focus on decorating without overloading. The elimination of all those objects that do not serve us and the exhibition of some minimalist decorative object will increase the feeling of spaciousness. Whenever possible it is advisable to get rid of carpets and/or curtains.
  4. Lighting is one of the most important factors. If we are looking for spaciousness, we must make the most of natural light. If natural light is not available, we must find the right lighting and combine ceiling and floor lighting.
  5. Finally, order. Maintaining order in our workspace is essential, especially when the space we have is quite limited. If we have everything well ordered we will make the space seem much larger. In addition, order helps us to stay calm and to concentrate on our work.