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Choose the right window for each project

Deciding on window sizes and finishes for your future project can be a task that should not be taken lightly. Windows are our way of connecting with the outside world. They are the best window we can have.

What is BIM?

According to buildingSMART, the Building Information Modelling…

Construction and design tips for an office

If we decide to build our office, whether it is new or to give…

Collaboration with the parish of Saint Anton in Bilbao

Our collaboration with the parish of San Antón is part of a…

Natural thermal insulation for building sites

Do you have to carry out a building work in your company and…
google earth

Presentation of works with Google Earth

Do you use Google Earth often? As a Google tool, it has many…

Design Thinking and architecture

"Innovation" and "design thinking" may be two of the most commonly…
impresora 3D

3D printing

Today, the construction industry faces two challenges.…
edificio futurista

Construction in the future

The energy renovation of buildings, together with the digitalisation…
corporate image

What is Corporate Image?

Every company, big or small, has a way of being seen by others,…