Ideas for the design of seating areas

Nowadays, most companies have opted to introduce in their facilities a space dedicated to the rest and wellbeing of workers, the so-called rest areas or “resting rooms”.

These areas are used to encourage socialising among workers, as well as to disconnect from work and take the opportunity to rest for a certain period of time.

There are many different types of rest areas and in this article we will review the most representative ones:

Resting area with kitchen: As its name suggests, it is a rest area in which there is a kitchen available for the use of workers, so that they can prepare their breakfasts, lunches, coffees,…

Resting rooms in transit areas: These are located in the transit areas of the office. They are small spaces created with sofas and tables that break up the design of the work area by including these spaces to disconnect.

Rest rooms between workstations: Generally larger spaces than the previous ones designed to rest in the middle of your working day, an area with sofas and tables where you can socialise with your colleagues and/or rest.

Break rooms in offices: Small spaces within the offices with the aim of resting or even holding an informal meeting with a client.