5 current trends in office design

For some time now, office design has been revolutionised by the increase in demand for spaces with their own identity as a means of attracting new clients, with technology and new work systems being two fundamental pillars on which to base the creation of these spaces.

The current market offers us almost infinite possibilities when it comes to renovating these spaces and the trend that is being followed is to adapt to the times, establishing more modern and daring models.

These are the 5 trends that are booming in 2022:

1.- Open Space Offices: Open Space or open space refers to diaphanous environments, spacious, bright workplaces where there are no barriers that delimit the individual workspaces of each employee. The benefits of using this type of office include:

– Healthy work environments: A collaborative environment is encouraged and, being an open space, ventilation is easily renewed.
– Brightness: Thanks to the spaciousness and the lack of barriers, lighting is greatly facilitated and distributed evenly throughout the workspace.
– Encouraging participation between work groups: Working in an Open Space makes it easier to communicate with other work teams, which promotes a positive and collaborative working environment.
– Modern corporate image: The use of open spaces makes the office project a modern image.

2.- Versatile furniture: One of the consequences of using Open Space offices is the need to acquire furniture that has more than one function, with the purpose of generating flexible spaces to carry out different activities within the company.

3.- Resting rooms: It is becoming more and more popular to have a space in the office dedicated to the well-being and rest of the worker, these are called resting rooms. Spaces where you can socialise with other workers, disconnect from work, etc.

4.- Environmental comfort: When designing modern offices, the use of neutral colours and natural materials such as wood is being taken into account, with the aim of promoting the physical and mental wellbeing of workers.

5.- High efficiency lighting: The lighting in today’s offices has been revolutionised by the irruption of LED technology, thanks to its long useful life and low energy cost.