The immediate benefits of a complete renovation

What is an integral reform?

An integral reform comprises the complete restructuring of a space, which includes finishes, interior and exterior carpentry, air conditioning, water and electricity installations mainly. To all of this can be added the use of renewable energies, changes in the distribution of space, rehabilitation of floors, demolition of load-bearing walls, etc.

If you are hesitating to carry out an integral reform for your company or business, in this article we will talk about the benefits that can be obtained after carrying out one:

Increase the quality of life for its users: By carrying out a comprehensive reform can achieve high rates of habitability, enhancing the welfare of the people who work in that space.

Increase sustainability and energy savings: By renewing insulation and windows, for example, energy costs can be considerably reduced by ensuring that the space does not let heat escape in winter, or through the use of LED lighting, which is more sustainable due to its low electricity consumption and useful life.

Get the space you always wanted: By carrying out an integral reform, you can start almost from scratch with the idea you have in mind, as well as having the freedom to choose the materials and the distribution of the space itself.

Save time and money by doing everything at once: When you carry out an integral reform, you are making changes in all or almost all the aspects of a space, so it is more economical than doing them little by little.

Increase the market value: Even if your main idea is to work in that space, it is important to know that all the money invested in a complete renovation can increase the value of your space, as it modernises the environment and corrects possible construction defects or damp.

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