corporate image

What is Corporate Image?

Every company, big or small, has a way of being seen by others, it is what they project to their customers and it has to go hand-in-hand with their trade and the way they work.

Corporate image should always be taken care of, it involves the look of your website, your office, your business card and even the way you present yourself and the way you work. However, there is one very important factor to bear in mind, times change therefore, your company will change too and with it your image.

During the last decade we have seen a facelift of large companies that have changed their mission, their philosophy, their logo, etc., and others that have simply made slight modifications, although perceived by their clients.

We know that it can be risky to change everything that has been in place for years, but the mere fact that your office is being refurbished and that your clients appreciate the new change is a positive thing and has a beneficial impact on you.

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