edificio futurista

Construction in the future

The energy renovation of buildings, together with the digitalisation of buildings globally, is bringing about a paradigm shift in construction methods. This could mean that in 20 years’ time, buildings could be 40% more efficient than they are today, in addition to the construction itself.

Nowadays, more and more automated tools are being used and materials that involve a high level of pollution in their manufacture are being dispensed with. An example of this is robotics; 3D printers for buildings, furniture or interior designs using recyclable materials, robots for the construction of larger infrastructures such as buildings or bridges, among others. Asia is a pioneering continent in this field, as the new buildings they are constructing have cutting-edge technologies and are built digitally.

It is clear that in Spain we must join in and get on this train, because it is the future that leads us to improve projects and everything around us.