google earth

Presentation of works with Google Earth

Do you use Google Earth often? As a Google tool, it has many features that make it very useful for construction and buildings, do you want to know why?

The main map view of Google Earth is with orthophotographs (a photographic presentation of a land surface). We move in a more realistic environment for the observer, as if we were a bird, as the projected images are in 3D.

We can create slideshow-style presentations with Google Earth to show our architectural projects to the client. How do we do this?

  • Collect satellite information and images with the tool
  • Create a Google account to have full access to Google Earth
  • Create the project in Google Earth and save it either in Drive or in KML format (to store geographic data)
  • Choose the slideshow (these are slides that together form the complete image)
  • Once finished, you can share the presentation or convert it into a video by downloading the Google Earth Studio programme

Would you like to create your own 3D projects with this tool?