Natural thermal insulation for building sites

Do you have to carry out a building work in your company and you don’t know what materials to use to provide maximum comfort to your employees? We give you some tips!
The choice of the material to be used is important to save unnecessary costs later on. To do so, it is necessary to pay attention to the thermal conductivity of the material; the lower the conductivity, the greater the insulation capacity. We add as an additional advantage to take care of the planet, since depending on the raw material used and the manufacturing process that is carried out we will manage to reduce CO2 emissions.

Types of insulation:

  • Rock wool: it is a fireproof and 100% recyclable material. It repels humidity and is easy to install.
  • Wood fibre: the carbon footprint in its manufacture is very low and it can be fully recycled. As it is a natural material, it is non-irritating and has a very low level of toxicity.
  • Cellulose: it is a totally ecological material. Its easy installation, its great adaptability due to its density and its breathability make it an ideal choice for your building site.
  • Sheep’s wool: it is totally biodegradable and its life cycle is based on continuous recycling. As thermal insulation it is one of the most effective and durable. It is also a hygroscopic material that helps to keep the interior environment dry.
  • Hemp: it is a natural material that is capable of retaining CO2 throughout its useful life, it is rapidly renewable and 100% recyclable. It insulates acoustically and is fireproof.
  • Cork: it is fireproof, waterproof and able to withstand loads without deformation, it is light, elastic, odourless, recyclable, reusable and biodegradable.

Which material do you like best?