Construction and design tips for an office

If we decide to build our office, whether it is new or to give it a new focus, we must be involved and participate from the design to the final result.

Where to start? The first step will be to select the professional with whom we are going to design our office. Once the architect has been chosen, it is very important to tell him or her how the company is set up. We must give him/her a background on our expectations and the way we work. Therefore, we must define the needs we have to carry out our activity and the aesthetics we are looking for for the spaces.

With the first agreements between architect and client, the preliminary project is transformed into a project and more detailed plans and budgets are drawn up. The architect is in charge of the site management, coordinating and controlling the different trades.

As a piece of advice, it is important to have a clear financial plan and, if possible, to have a margin for unforeseen events that may arise. It is also essential to agree with the architect how the flow of payments will be and to take care of the link between the two. We always recommend talking about all aspects beforehand and putting it in writing, to avoid future misunderstandings.

Once everything is defined, the works begin, the design materialises and, finally, work begins on a new office that is modern, functional and in line with the company, its activity and its philosophy.