Virtual Architecture and Construction, the future is today

In the full immersion of the technological world, more and more use is being made of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for business; be it information platforms, super calculators, multiverses, etc.

In this case, Virtual Architecture and Construction is a digitised space to see first hand (as if you were in situ) the interior and exterior of buildings and their work/reform with before and after. They allow you to make the calculations for the use of space and check, in a completely immersive 3D design, the result of what you see on paper. All you need is a pair of virtual glasses and a 360° render (programme) that applies the sensation of parallel reality. A clear example of this can be video games such as Minecraft or The Sims.

This universe anticipates possible future problems, minimising risk and increasing the company’s competitiveness against other companies in the sector. Simulating what we are going to create gives our brand extra notoriety and allows us to visualise the client’s idea; which is good for the client, not only because they like it, but also because once they have seen the previous result, they can adjust their activity and future organisation based on what they have seen.

Go digital! It is the future